About us

Our Mission

STEM education made simple

We believe our children will be leaders of the future world where everything is connected with various technologies. By providing STEM education products and contents, we empower our children to learn and master technological tools such as programming, physical computing, and digital fabrication, with which they can solve real world problems and make the world a better place.

Company History

  • 2018   International Collaboration Exploration
With 2 years’ efforts, CH MakerEd has served 200,000+ students in 1000+ Chinese schools. Besides, through continuous communication with international partners, our products and contents have been accepted and applied in education sectors in many countries and regions.
  • 2017  CH MakerEd Founded
CH MakerEd was founded to exclusively serve education purposes. With the mission “STEM education made simple”, CH MakerEd strives to provide STEM education products and contents to primary and secondary schools.
  • 2016  Exploration in integrating maker and education
With abundant explorations in integrating maker culture and education through school events, community workshops, and commercial collaborations, Chaihuo Maker Space learnt about needs from teachers and students, also gained a deeper understanding of STEM education.
  • 2015  Premier Li Keqiang Visits
On the first working day in 2015, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Chaihuo Maker Space, communicated with the makers and called for “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, which boosted maker culture to a new height.
  • 2011   Chaihuo Maker Space Founded
Chaihuo (“wood” in Chinese) was founded in Seeed’s old office. Chaihuo provides environment & tools for open innovation & rapid prototyping, encouraging crossover collaborations.
  • 2008  Seeed Studio Founded
Eric Pan founded Seeed in July 2018, providing open source hardware and agile manufacturing services to facilitate innovators in turning ideas into indie products.




Adress:1002, G3 Bld, TCL International E City, #1001 Zhongshan Park Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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